Is NFT dead - With 7+ Examples

I got an interest to hunt for dead NFTs as it is a risk I need to know.

Is NFT dead? Small unsupported projects will die eventually. Big Brain Society, Bones Club, Canine Country Club, and Cryptinies are almost dead when I tried finding NFT projects in RarityTool with less than 10 Eth of 90-day volume in OpenSea.

On a whole, NFT will not die. Arts and fashion can always come back in retro form and NFT too. 

Nevertheless, individual NFT projects can die if there is a continued disinterest in the product. I decided to look through projects with such criteria

  • Must be listed in Rarity.Tools (I assume NFT projects listed there are of a certain quality or fame. There are too many dead projects at the start and not worth showing too)
  • Have at most 10 Eth of 90-day volume when I checked (Ideally, a dead NFT project has 0 Eth but I realized it is really impossible to hit 0. There are even projects that sell at 0 Eth floor but no one buys due to gas fees)

Below is the list of growing potentially dead NFT based on my current search (will grow as time permits for me or someone else to add on):-

Potential Dead NFTs 90-day Volume Checked  Mint Price Minted
AltDoges 9.3 Eth ? 171 out of 300
Astrohedz 5.8 Eth ? 1,998 out of 10,000
Catctus 2.4 Eth ? 779 out of 10,000
Big Brain Society 6.8 Eth 0.07 Eth 1,247 out of 10,000
Bones Club 5.4 Eth 0.05 Eth 2,580 out of 10,000
Canine Country Club 3.3 Eth 0.02 Eth 2,529 out of 10,000
Cryptinies 3.9 Eth 0.04 Eth 1,604 out of 10,000
CryptoFinney 1.6 Eth ? 835 out of 10,000
Dapper Space Collective 2.7 Eth 0.045 Eth 520 out of 7,777
DireWolves V2 6.7 Eth 0.05 Eth 1,142 out of 2,000
DogePirate 3.9 Eth 0.042 Eth 1,061 out of 3,333
Fine-Ass CryptoApes 9.9 Eth 0.088 Eth 999 out of 11,111
HodlHeads 3.2 Eth ? 803 out of 10,000
KNEECAPs 2.2 Eth ? 847 out of 5,536
Kokeshi World 9.8 Eth ? 1,939 out of 10,001
MojiBots 0.76 Eth 0.02 Eth 326 out of 10,000
Mutant Ape Pixel Club Official 9.9 Eth ? 105 out of 105
NFTBOY: Bored Ape Racers 3.5 Eth 0.04 Eth 1,774 out of 5,000
Plodding Pirates 6.6 Eth ? 1,871 out of 4,000
Pudgy Pixel Gang 8.4 Eth 0.015 Eth 8,776 out of ?
ScoopDog Squad 4.8 Eth ? 664 out of 10,000
Shaggy Sheep 5.2 Eth 0.02 Eth 1,494 out of 10,000
Sodabits 7.1 Eth ? 1,000 out of 1,000
THE SHRUNKENHEADZ 6.6 Eth ? 10,005 out of ?
The Space Doge 2.3 Eth ? 477 out of 10,000
Zales I Polygon 6.3 Eth ? 9,900 out of 9,900

A dead NFT project is usually not fully minted and unable to reach the fully minted stage.

Be extra careful when you are in a project that is not fully minted or below 2,600 NFTs. Chances are high that it will be die off or become dormant eventually based on my numbers.

Below is the list of information I found for each of the dying NFT projects:-


There will be a total of 300 unique collectible Altdoges with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Altdoge NFTs set themselves apart from other crypto 'hustles' with an amazing, decentralized community made up of art and dog lovers just like you. Only one NFT was ever minted for each major breed, so they are super rare.

Each Altdoge rescue comes with their own personality and has picked their favorite crypto influencer.


Astrohedz is a collection of supposing 10,000 unique Astrohedz NFTs (with four sub-collections from different planets) originating in the Enefty Galaxy (on the Ethereum blockchain). Using a standard ERC-721 smart contract and backed by IPFS, each Astrohedz NFT is your ticket to adventure in our upcoming play-2-earn top view action/adventure/crafting game and metaverse.


Catctus is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated cat and cactus hybrids on Ethereum blockchain. Being a community driven project, holders will have access to exclusive events like giveaways, collab NFTs, merch and much more.

Big Brain Society

Big Brain Society is a collection of 10,000 Big Brain #NFTs residing on the most sophisticated cryptography protocol known to man. By owning a Big Brain, you can claim a Big Brain Cat for free.

Big Brain Society was created by an NFT artist and collector whose goal is to introduce a unique and special concept to the NFT community. The collection consists of 10,000 randomly generated and unique characters residing on the Ethereum blockchain, meeting the ERC-721 standard. Ownership of Big Brain NFTs includes full commercial and creative rights, as well as access to our exclusive merch, community events, profit sharing, and much more.

Bones Club

Bones Club is the successor to the Bones Club Heritage collection. 2,580 (supposed to be 10,000) unique Bones have been programmatically generated from over 175 traits.

The Bones Club avatar includes commercial use license and will provide access to future member’s only utility.

Canine Country Club

The Canine Country Club is a sophisticated collection of 2,529 (supposed to be 10,000) classy canine NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.



Cryptinies was a collection of 1,604 minted collectibles (supposed to be 10,000 unique digital collectibles) living on the Ethereum blockchain. Every Cryptiny is priced at 0.04 ETH. Cryptinies have more than 180 differentiable properties.

After the explosion on their own planet, CrypTinies are about to land on planet Earth! They were a part of their planet, but now they are traveling in space and when they arrive in the world, they will stick on human skin and try to imitate their owner.  Owning one of the Tinies will provide you exclusive benefits and it will open the doors to the new Planet they will create together


The supposingly 10,000 generatively unique CryptoFinneys are landing on Ethereum. The first project to be launched utilizing the GenDrops platform contract, CryptoFinney features multi-level upgrade mechanics, claimdrops, and a host of future membership benefits including DAO voting.

Dapper Space Collective

520 out of 7777 unique Dapper NFTs were minted.  Located onboard Terra 1, a MSK-1 class secure light cruiser ship. Open exclusively for members of the Dapper Space Collective. Terra 1 operates a strict but simple dress code: No bow tie, no entry.

DireWolves V2

A collection of 1,142 out of 2000 randomly generated wolves. Join the pack and explore member-only events, the Wolves Den, Dire DAO & much more to come.


1,061 out of 3,333 were minted at the price of 0.042 Eth Sailing across the seven seas for months on end we have found booty for one and all. Everyone gets to get their hands on the mythical pieces of eight.

Fine-Ass CryptoApes (FACA)

FACA or Fine-Ass CryptoApes is a limited collection of 11,111 (999 were minted) randomly generated pixel-Ape characters. Each FACA is unique with several attributes that altogether define its scarcity level. 


HodlHeads is a collection of supposingly 10,000 pixel avatar heads randomly generated from over 160 traits. They are non-fungible ERC721 tokens all backed by the Ethereum blockchain. The metadata and the images for each HodlHead are stored inside the decentralized file-storage IPFS, so HodlHeads will stay in the metaverse on forever and ever.


Go where you want, they're your knees. Get your knees NAMED in the discord.

Kokeshi World

Kokeshi is a collection of 10,001 three-dimensional dancing NFTs generated through the use of artificial intelligence. Token holders have access to an elaborate and powerful reward structure.


MOJIbots are supposingly 10,000 unique bots created to fit all of your needs. All MOJIbots were programmatically generated. A bot creating a bot, how funny is that

Mutant Ape Pixel Club Official

MAPC / Mutant Ape Pixel Club is a collection of 105 unique Mutant Ape NFTs!

NFTBOY: Bored Ape Racers

Hyper-realistic 3D models of classic game cartridges, reimagined as NFTs.

Plodding Pirates

Plodding Pirates is a supposingly 4000-unit limited NFT collection for the discerning swashbuckler. Ghoulish bilge rats, ghostly buccaneers and betentacled marauders await you on the seven seas. 
Pudgy Pixel Gang
The project is mintable from OpenSea though I am not sure how. Find your Penguins and this project is not affiliated with Pudgy Penguins.
ScoopDog Squad
ScoopDog Squad is a collection of supposingly 10,000 unique NFTs. Owning ScoopDog Squad NFT grants you membership access to ScoopDog Squad that includes member only perks such as possibility to name your ScoopDog, voting rights and eligibility for community pool rewards, exclusive merchandise, eligibility for free companion NFT, Breeding and many more unlock based on Roadmap.
Shaggy Sheep 
Shaggy Sheep is made up of supposing 10,000 unique algorithmically generated NFT collectibles made from over 150 attributes. Each Sheep acts as your membership card to an exclusive group called the Black Sheep Social Club giving you members-only access to perks like our merch store, exclusive drops and more.

Sodabits are a collection of 1000 NFTs designed with love for our community. This was one of the few projects that were fully minted and still in this list.


THE SHRUNKENHEADZ are 9,999 unique digital collectibles HANGING out on the Ethereum blockchain. Your SHRUNKENHEADZ collectable grants access to members-only benefits like an AMAZING social media media banner of your HEAD!

The Space Doge

The Space Doge NFT project is a collection of supposing 10,000 art pieces from the space doges carefully chosen by The Space Doge Collective, a group of elite scientists stranded on Mars. Each one is expertly designed, algorithmically compiled, and handsomely shaped.
Zales I Polygon
Zales is a unique digital aqua collection of diverse NFTs, which has 10 different kinds of fish. It is collect and reward system, you gain rewards when you hold specific NFT combinations.

Is the NFT hype over

NFT hype comes and goes. One dip in NFT happened when the seven-day sales dropped from $176 million on May 9 to just $8.7 million on June 15 (almost 95% down), according to numbers from Nonfungible.

While this does not mean the prices went down, the illiquidity of the market (i.e. unwilling seller, unwilling buyer) can force you to sell much lower than expected in a down market.


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