Is Collab Land Safe (Updated Apr 2022 on my way to check)

I was new to Discord in 2021 and the bot is a scary experience for every NFT newbie, including myself.

Is safe? The official is safe but there are many fake bots that scam and cheat people. The easiest way I figured is checking the mutual servers of matched all the servers you are in since other moderators would had kick it out if it is a scam account.

Another keep safe is to connect an empty wallet first to confirm the bot messaging did not do anything funny. Thereafter, the conversation with that bot should be the official one.

How does work is a Discord bot used by Discord admins to assign roles to users automatically based on your wallet. The official bot will only require permission to your public signature to verify you are the authentic owner of the wallet you linked.

Please note there are many fake bots that scam and cheat users by getting permission to take your tokens or linking you to fraud websites. These sites can ask your private key or seed phrase which sipher out your entire wallet easily. 

Upon you providing your public key signature, It detects the assets in various networks (MainNet, xDAI, Rinkeby, Binance Smart Chain, Matic) that you owned in your crypto wallet and assigns Discord roles based on that ownership. These roles determine which channels in the Discord can be accessed by the owners.

The admin of the discord can setup the roles based on the

  • Token Type (ERC-20 fungible token, ERC-721 non-fungible token, ERC-1155 fungible and non-fungible token, Moloch, social money from
  • Minimum and maximum of tokens required for role Disconnect wallet

After verifying, you can choose to go to your wallet to remove the connection with Collab.Land if you no longer need it.  I did it the first time I first used Discord as I was so worried about the potential risks and horror stories.

How do I remove Under Coinbase Wallet, there is a connection WalletLink section in your profile. Clicking it will show all the services including that have your permission to authenticate the wallet. After disconnecting the, your roles will still remain unless the bots got refreshed or you need to get new roles.




Eventually, I realized it is safe to just allow such a connection, as long as it is just asked for signature once. There should not be any more requests from Collab. land as that would indicate something is wrong or shady.

For info, the bot is used widely by all NFT Discord servers. The Discord admin just adds Collab.Land is to their server and has a secret #collabland-config channel. The access to the #collabland-config channel is limited as it contains privileged setup information and by default, only the person setting up the bot has exclusive access. not working

This is a common problem too that the roles do not get updated immediately. Usually, you just have to wait for it or retry again (e.g. by triggering it to DM you again by sending the !join message). If all else failed, the best thing is to contact the Discord admins to make sure they set up the bot correctly. The other way is the contact the Collab land support in Twitter if you are the admin.


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